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Nxt Technologies | Hadoop Bigdata For Businesses
Next Technologies provide businesses a Better Way in Managing Bigdata, Cloud Consulting Services, Cluster Computing Implementation and IT support globally ,we are there to help business meet their goals.
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On-Demand Elastic Cluster

Unlike traditional clusters, Hadoop clusters scale up the cloud or down it depending on data processing needs. Nodes are automatically modified from clusters depending on the amount of data to maximize performance.

Integrated Big Data Software

Hadoop as a Service can fully integrate with the Hadoop ecosystem, including Hive, Sqoop, MapReduce, Oozie, Pig, Presto and Spark Connectors for data integration and creating a data pipeline as a complete solution that will work with your current pipeline.

Lower Costs

Hadoop Cloud requires no upfront capital for on-site hardware or for Support. Instant pricing can reduce costs up to 90% compared to on-demand services. Pay per data only when used,it with auto-scaling clusters.

" With massive bytes of generated today , enterprises have a new opportunity to differentiate their services, improved customer outcomes , and can experience increased operational efficiency in Managing data "

Our Hadoop Expertise

For Company’s evaluating Hadoop to accelerate data processing, its a key task to optimize the performance of data warehouse, or to perform analysis on New level of data sets, Nxt Technologies is the key to success in deploying Hadoop based Solutions for businesses to solve their first use cases.

” if you’re new to Big Data or just looking tostreamline your Business, best-of-class services that can give you access to more time and resources, NxtTexhnologies is your Solution Provider”

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Hadoop is proven to Scales business to do lot more, prevention, data monetization, and network optimization.

Financial Services

Build a multi-tentative environment to counter fraud prevention, compliance & risk modeling


Give your customer protection and privacy and build a 360° view for customization, suggestions & analysis.

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