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Nxt Technologies | Business Process Outsourcing
Next Technologies provide businesses a Better Way in Managing Bigdata, Cloud Consulting Services, Cluster Computing Implementation and IT support globally ,we are there to help business meet their goals.
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Business Process Outsourcing

We make Outsourcing work For You

Next Technologies plays a major role in efficient running of your organization by fueling with powerful analytics and extended capabilities. But you may not have the staff, budget or infrastructure to support it. Our outsourcing services can help you realize cost advantages while simultaneously bringing improved, strategic value to the business. Count on us to design, develop and deliver flexible IT solutions—and free up your team for business-critical activities. Our experience and global capabilities make us a world leader in application outsourcing, Recruitment process outsourcing, business process outsourcing and bundled outsourcing.


The next generation of BPO is here, and Next Technologies is leading the way. Next Technologies offers full spectrum of BPO services whose success is rooted in industry leading expertise and support of all delivery models. We partner to help clients define - performance targets, including measurable business outcomes such as increased sales, better customer satisfaction, increased market share, higher levels of employee engagement and productivity, improved shareholder value and more.

Whatever your business goal, we make it happen, with you and for you, bringing a passion for consistency, value and performance. We apply extensive analytics capabilities—using our industry acumen, the data we manage for clients and our knowledge of your organization to improve your operational engine.

Next Technologies BPO’s technologically advanced delivery capabilities—backed by our unparalleled Global Delivery Network across the globe—enable us to deliver consistently high levels of performance, at the scale you need. We’re ready to put our talented professionals, innovative technology and proven best practices to work for you. , making a real difference to the way our clients operate globally, every day.


Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing offering to find and retain talent through our flexible and scalable recruitment solutions in today’s fickle and restless environment. Built upon our deep recruiting expertise and based on our rigorous process and by leveraging analytics, social media and mobility for —greater predictability of cost, a more efficient recruiting process, an improved candidate experience, and more importantly, your bottom line.

application management

As we move from mechanization to technology intelligence, we apply smarter business acumen more extensively across the application life cycle, analyzing, loading and transforming automatically. We offer and continuously develop a robust set of intelligent resources that consistently support the automation of repetitive tasks to reduce costs and improve speed and quality.

We partner with you to translate your IT savings into business advantage. We then bring industry knowledge, smart vision and practical innovations to help you scale, sustain and respond more quickly to your toughest challenges. We are constantly pursuing process and service excellence using proven industry and Next Technologies leading practices, as well as developing new and innovative tools.

The End-results for our clients? Stabilized and reduced costs, improved and optimized operations and maximized business value. We can help you reduce application costs from 20 to 50 percent (including up to 30 percent reduction in total cost of ownership). We can also increase your speed to market by 10 to 50 percent through agile development.


Strategic Workforce Consulting is an industry-leading framework and collaborative planning process that creates a workforce strategy aligned to your business strategy. We leverage our in-depth understanding of global workforce trends and our workforce solutions expertise to deliver a strategy with a measurable action plan to accelerate the execution of your business strategy.

We focus on the dynamic mid-market and what these type of businesses require from an outsourcing service is agility. By providing a flexible outsourcing model that delivers people, processes and systems which are fully scalable, Next Technologies is a credible alternative to some of the larger IT outsourcing providers with their rigid set of processes and the smaller providers who offer more limited services. Our application outsourcing services can help you realize cost advantages while simultaneously bringing improved, strategic value to the business. Not just now, but for years to come.

We can help you to control costs and reduce risks within your business by providing ‘right-sized’ services to support your business operations and growth.

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