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Nxt Technologies | Scalable NoSQL Cloud Database Service
Next Technologies provide businesses a Better Way in Managing Bigdata, Cloud Consulting Services, Cluster Computing Implementation and IT support globally ,we are there to help business meet their goals.
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Data Limit

Distribute data globaly to data centers, or to your own data center or a mobile device, for faster, and uninterrupted access to data from anyplace.


Experience Smart topologies, which have the ability to automate efficient load balancing to swiftly manage data access across clusters

Access to SQL

You can Integrated SQL Access for access to tools for adhoc reporting and operational use outside of the purpose for which the application is Build.

Built In

With Loads of Built-in features like text search, synch, data replication & Map Reduction for advanced analytics, enables us to easily build platform with great user experience

Accelerate your Data in the Cloud With NO-SQL Services

Our Experts can help you migrate your existing database to NoSQL database as a service. We can scale your performance of  NoSQL databases and manage it for you. You can focus on code, as we manage your back-end.

“No Sql has Inbuilt techniques to seamlessly, full-text search, replicate &  sync advanced analytics via MapReduce”

For Company’s evaluating No SQL we Offer services for low latency key-value databases including support for JSON and Table data. Built-in options for parallel query, transactions, and Scale out,

NXT-Technologies can help you deploy NoSQL Cloud Solutions for businesses to accelerate their data Services

no sql services

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