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Nxt Technologies | Inteligent Transitions In UX Design
Next Technologies provide businesses a Better Way in Managing Bigdata, Cloud Consulting Services, Cluster Computing Implementation and IT support globally ,we are there to help business meet their goals.
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Inteligent Transitions In UX Design

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Inteligent Transitions In UX Design

18:00 04 October in Technologies

Employees today are on the move, and taking their iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices with them. Whether in a conference room, in line for a latte at Starbucks, or using Wi-Fi on a 787, people today want full access to the apps and software that make them productive – from Office 365 or Salesforce, to custom applications running on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

What that means for IT pros is that they no longer can use on-premises technology to manage the challenging new environment of identity management, device management, and information protection. They just can’t – it doesn’t work.

The solution

Move these services from your on-premises to the cloud. And build these services from the ground up so they fit perfectly with a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Do that, and you can give your on-the-go workforce everything it expects, while giving you the protection and control you need.

Now the core technologies for identity management (IM), device management (DM), and information protection (IP) should run in the cloud.

How to take the next step

OK, move to the cloud. But how? You need services that work well together, otherwise you can’t do things such as grant access to a user when she’s on a device that may not be configured ideally, or in a known location. Plus, trying to integrate disparate cloud solutions yourself is unlikely to be unsuccessful. You need a solution that’s designed to work together.

Here it is: The Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). It was created specifically to help you address today’s move to integrated, mobile, cloud-based services. Its three core components—Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Azure Rights Management—were built from the start as cloud services. They were designed to work together, providing an integrated technology family that’s unlike any other on the market.

To detect attacks on-premises, EMS also includes Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. Using EMS, your people can be productive on the devices they love while you’re protecting company assets.

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